Aztec Priests And Sacrifices

Human Sacrifice was a religious practicecharacteristic of pre-Columbian Aztec civilization.the Aztecs did not have livestock. They practiced cannibalism on their captives.  After the sacrifices body was thrown down the stairs, the Aztec priests removed the limbs and cooked them. Sacrifices were taken to the tops of the Aztec pyramids and laid upon a flat stone. There, their chests were cut open and their hearts were ripped out. The bodies were then thrown down the steps of the pyramid.  In Tenochtitlan the Aztecs main city had 300,000 people living in it and a estimated 5000 of them were priests. The priests painted their bodies black in order to symbolize religion and war. Their hair was soaked with blood from human sacrifices. They also filed their teeth to sharp points. The Priest were also nobility and the knife they used for the sacrifices were made of obsidian like many other weapons they have.

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Fun Clarifing Fact

The Aztecs had a relationship with man’s best friend, dogs were companions, useful protectors of towns and agriculture, and food. It’s important to understand that the Aztecs did not sit down on and eat the family dog, and we don’t want to get lost in that particular charecteristic of the Aztec-canine relationship.

Aztec Society

Aztec Society

The Aztec’s society is pretty cool. They believed in being independant  and had a really well-ordered out existence. In fact no matter what class or social status you were in your children all went to school for free. Even in the most modern\advanced countries free education is still a dream, so in a few ways the Aztec’s were very forward thinking. For more info Aztec society.

Education Was An Important Part Of The Aztec Society

Like I said education is free for everyone but society and class was important to the Aztec’s they had segragation system for the boys and girl by having two schools city of Tenochtitlan. They also had different classes for different class of Aztec’s. Boys were taught how to fight and be part of the military as well, myths, religions, war songs and so on so forth. The girls learned trades to run their households such as cooking and other craft professions. It was and orderly existence with a separate for children who wanted to be a priest or priestess. The kids studied under the influence of their parents until of the age of fifteen and entered to go to school everyday.

The Role Of Law In The Aztec Society

The Aztec society was pretty orderly with strict laws to enforce the discipline. If the law was disobeyed lighter crimes would come in fines and fees and heavier ones were punished with hard work of a certain type.

Aztec Society Classes

The highest of the classes was the Nobility then the Commoners and at the end the slaves but the emperor was higher then all of them.


The Nobility enjoyed many privileges as they were the nobles at birth. Priests, warriors and artisans who earned their rank were part of this class. The very highest social status were made up of a special family called the pipltin. These were the hereditary nobility and often had special posts in the government, the army as well the priesthood. A leader called as the tlatoani from was often selected from this family by the nobles together and he ruled till he died.


The second class was the commoners they are like middle class people but more primitive, they did work for the society it was made up of farmers and merchants\traders. They were eligible to own land collectively as a family or as clan but could not own land alone. Commoners could collectively own an area of land for a lifetime. The poorest of commoners was considered as the tenant farmer, where they just cultivated the land for return for part of their harvest.


Slaves were on the lowest step of the Aztec society. They had no rights. But slaves did have an chance to buy back their freedom with the required money.

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Aztec Clothing

Aztec Clothing

The Aztec clothing is defined as many forms of attire that were worn by the Aztec’s and other Mesoamerican people that lived in the Aztec Empire. It should be known that clothing styles prefered by the Aztec’s were very similar to the clothing that was worn by many other groups in Mexico and much of Mesoamerica. Like any culture, the Aztec’s in this case were influenced by their environment also their clothing was quite distinct. The most basic type that an Aztec could wear was a breechcloth called “Maxtlatl”

Basic Aztec Clothing

The breechcloth was a was a kind of loincloth that would be comprised of a piece of material this piece of material would normally be in the shape of a rectangle and it would be placed between the thighs of the person who wore it. It would be worn with a belt or string. The purpose of this cloth was to conceal private parts of the body, and by itself , it didn’t provide much protection from the sun or parasites to the user. The Aztec’s would often wear the breechcloth under a cloak or cape. This cloak was called a tilmatli, the tilmatli was important to the Aztec’s, The type worn would determine the status of the person in the Aztec society.

This is a Aztec Breechcloth drawing

This is a Aztec Breechcloth drawing

Aztec Clothing For Men And Women

Much of the clothes that I have talked about so far were worn by the Aztec’s and were basic. The women would wear a blouse which they called the huipilli, and they also wore a skirt called the cueitl. when both these words were joined together they called it “cueitl huipilli” the entire term was also used to refer to woman to. Another form of clothing that was very important to the Aztec were their sandals. Like the cape you wore the sandals with them also, they also determined what your status was with the Aztec’s. In many cases only men of the nobility would wear sandals, and many of the commoners didn’t wear much footwear. When entering the Aztec temples it was required to go barefoot and this most likely included the nobility to.  Another time the Aztec were not aloud to wear footwear was  when they stood before the emperor. much of the clothing they wore played a practical part in their society. In a hot tropical area, sandals were preferred then closed shoes as it gave a large amount of circulation. also the foot would not sweat a lot either. The Aztec’s didn’t wear a large amount of clothes, simply because it was to hot where they lived. Their clothing was designed for the warm environment in which they lived.

Aztec Jewelry And Gold

People should remember that the Aztec men wore clothes much more intricate then the woman, in this case the priests or members of the nobility. Feathers played and important to the Aztec’s and the rich feathers worn by the ancient Aztec’s have became world famous.  Jewelry was very important to the Aztec’s, and the large amount of gold worn by the Aztec’s is a testament to the power and strength of their empire. The clothing worn by the Aztec’s was very distinct and it was of their most prominent characteristics.

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Aztec Food

Aztec Food

Corn – The Main Aztec Food

Of all the that food Aztec’s ate corn was their most important part of their diet which they called maize. Corn was so important to the Aztecs it played a role in the mythology. The importance of maize in the Aztec culture was equal to the importance of Asian cultures and the role of wheat to the Europeans cultures. We need to remember corn came in many different variates that would base on the color, size, shape and texture. It would also be eaten in many different ways and these included tortillas and tamales [pepper]. Besides corn there was many different for essential to the Aztec diet.

Other Aztec Foods

Some of these foods were was salt as well as chilies. During feasts the Aztec’s would try to refrain from eating one of these. Beans were also very important to the Aztec’s they also like to eat pigweed as well as chia. When these food were put together with maize [corn] it would give the Aztec a very healthy diet which contained all of the nutrients that the Aztec needed. Nixtamalization is the way that they processed corn and the way that it was cooked in a alkaline substance. When it was done it greatly increased the nutritional value.

This is Pigweed

This is Pigweed


Another food eaten all around the world that originates from the Aztec’s is guacamole. Aztec’s were known to grow avocados and turn them into guacamole. The name guacamole comes from the Aztec language and its a combination of words for avocados and sauce āhuacatl [avocado] and mole for sauce. With the arrival of Spanish conquistadors guacamole spread throughout the world but it is still a staple in Mexican cuisine. If you want to learn how to make guacamole how to make guacamole there are plenty of guacamole recipes.

Aztec Drink

As far as drinks are concerned, water played as an important role to the Aztec like every human, in addition to drinking water they drunk was fermented juice which comes from the century plant , also drunk pulque [Alcoholic beverage.] Drinks beside water, were very common, and there was a number of alcoholic beverages made from fruit, cacti, and honey there were times when kids where aloud to drink but very rarely. The Aztec’s didn’t like intoxacation and exceptions for senior harsh punishments were inflicted on that person or hard labor. Strangely enough, the Aztec nobility had strict rules which played a big role in which stop them from drinking alcohol. If they became drunk they could even be punished with a punishment severe as execution. The nobility would not drink pulque , they considered this to be a drink  to a common man. The elite instead drunk anything which came from cocoa. This drink was highly prized the warriors, kings and nobles consumed this drink. They would often add chili peppers to give it some flavor. Honey was used in cocoa as, but a list of herbs that could be used in many different ways and very often.

More Food

Cacao was prized in the Aztec empire that the beans from it  could be used as money. It should be realized that Aztec’s enjoyed turkey and various kinds of fowl. They also feasted of iguanas and gophers. Shrimp was and important part of their diet, they also enjoyed both insects and their eggs as a part of there Aztec food.

Aztec Economy

Aztec Economy

The Aztec Economy started very simple than eventually became very complicated as the population of the Aztec grew larger. The Aztec people knew how to manage all of there resources. But they were able to grow despite all the disadvantages that they had to face.

Agriculture: The Pillar Of Aztec Economy

Aztec farmers were great at what they did and agriculture was the foundation to the Aztec Economy. The Aztec’s used the Chinampa way of farming which made them have highly productive gardens that not only let them farm the land but let them get the water that they used to grow the crop back. They were able to farm A lot of crops like sweet potatoes, maize [corn], tomatoes, avocados, beans, squashes and other plants. While what the call the lowland tropical crops such as papaya, cotton, cacoa were plated and harvested. Chocolate which was eaten in solid and liquid form made the Aztec’s famous worldwide. When Spain took the Aztec’s spain discovered the chocolate and spread it through Europe.  The crops that were planted were their main source of food they rarely hunted animal’s as food. As in eating turkey on A special occasion food.

Use Of Money In Aztec Economy

Aztec’s were very advanced people since they knew the value of money one of the many kinds of things they used for money was cocoa beans. For example a small rabbit would cost an Aztec 30 cocoa beans if an Aztec wanted to sell a child [especially a daughter] that man would get 600 cocoa beans. But selling one of your kids was normal for an Aztec and remember sacrificing themselves was a great honor for A warrior the highest they could get. Another thing that they used for currency was quachtli is a kind of cloth that Aztec’s treasured. Experts say that this was worth more than cocoa beans and if a Aztec was given 10 pieces of this cloth he has enough currency to last half a year in Tenochtitlan.

Markets And Trade

Cocoa and quachtli [money] was used by many people to buy or trade goods. There are many other markets in Tenochtitlan but another market called Tlatelco  [which is the main market for Aztec’s] was where most Aztec’s shopped for goods because of their large variety of supplies, food, cloth etc. Many farmers, merchants and potters came to this market to sell there goods. So any person found what they needed or wanted. It is said that the Aztec’s city were very large and about the size of great European cities. Only Paris and other big European cities were bigger than Tenochtitlan. Even know it sounds very cool its not fake. almost 60 thousand people came into the markets throughout the day to to buy food, slaves, firewood, clothing, jewelry, feathers and a lot more.

If compared with todays markets Aztec economy was simple and basic for that time is was a large and successful Aztec empire.

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Aztec Military

Aztec Military

As the amount of Aztec’s grew the military grew to but the Aztec knew they couldn’t be the toughest tribe in the world if they didn’t team up with other groups or tribes.  By forming alliances they became an empire then that empire extended to Central Mexico then to the Guatemalan border.

The Role Of Religion In Aztec Military

The power of the Aztec people’s army was so powerful because their beliefs in warfare as a religious duty to be opposed to war being their duty. They took warfare as serious business. Not just so they could expand their empire so they could capture prisoners so they could be offered to their gods or godesses by sacrificing them. These prisoners were used for less important rituals because for more important rituals a warrior would sacrifice himself since it would be the ultimate honor for a warrior to be slain in battle or to offer himself in a major ritual. Then for prisoners they were forced to walk up the temples that they were being sacrificed on, stairs then the priests and leaders would grab them. Then stretch their limbs on a stone table and cut into their chest with a very sharp knife then tear their heart out.

The Battles And Wars Of Aztec Army

For a fight to commence  loud shouting and pounding on drums would occur first. The Aztec warriors would dress up in costumes men to scare away the enemy.  Jaguar or eagle costumes were common these were just some of the costumes that Aztec warriors fought in during battle or war. Costumes would also represent there status or rank that the warrior had or was in.

Capturing Prisoners

Despite them being very fierce people around , there were always just a few casualties resulting from the war and battles. The main goal for the Aztec’s was to capture prisoners[as much as they could] for sacrificing.They didn’t kill their enemies on the battlefield, instead, they would strike at the opponent’s legs. A  sacrifice was normal for the Aztec’s even if it was there own blood that was being sacrificed to their many gods.

Aztec Military Training

The Aztec tribe was a fierce tribe because of their childhood s because ever since they were kids they were treated as future warrior if you were a male. They had many rituals to show the future warriors will be tough an loyal to the tribe. All boys would be trained to fight, so they could be a part of the Aztec military force. A way of passage for young boys was capturing their first prisoner. That would show that they entered manhood.

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